VBT: What you need to know.

VBT: What you need to know. VBT, or as you know, velocity based training, is a way to measure bar speed.  That’s all it is, nothing more, nothing less.   However, our use and interpretation of that information is the important … Read More

Excel Makes you a Better Coach

Why Excel makes you a better coach I just talked to one of the most prominent strength coaches in America yesterday, and not only was I blown away by his passion for helping others, he said something to me that … Read More

Transfer of Training: The Basics

What is “Transfer of Training”? Transfer of training is one of those topics.  Everyone that knows about it but very few understand its application to sport.  Even worse, most deny its existence to justify poor training programs.  As strength coaches, … Read More

Tips for Managing Employees in a Gym Setting

Tips for Managing Employees in a Gym Setting I have spent many years working at various gyms across the country, as well as countless time reading business based articles and living the actual experience of working for managers and owners … Read More

% Training: Not Dead After All

The Revival: % Training is Back, and Never going Away! In my last article, we held a memorial for % training, a relic of training years past for when technology wasn’t readily available.  Who needs a training method based on … Read More


The squat is considered the cornerstone of most training programs, and for good reason.  Squatting involves simultaneous flexion and extension of the ankles, knees and hips, like almost every major sporting activity.  It trains all the muscles of the lower … Read More

Motor Learning 101

If I were to ask you what percent of the ability to succeed in sports is related with physical movement, what would you say? That answer tells you just how vastly important this topic is when creating athletic performance programs.  … Read More

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Minimum effective Dose vs Maximal Recoverable Volume Recently, Juggernaut Training Systems posted an Instagram graph and quote: There is NO SUCH THING as a “minimum effective dose” in training. There is such as thing as the “dose for the response … Read More

Minimum adaptive threshold: What is it?

Minimum adaptive threshold: What is it? There are a lot of misconceptions on what minimum adaptive threshold is.  I will give you a basic definition, then expand from there: Minimum Adaptive Threshold: The minimum (or optimal) amount of applied stress … Read More

Highly Trained vs Highly Athletic

Highly Trained vs. High Athletic This is a short topic, but an important one.  Many people confuse “highly athletic” athletes with “highly trained” athletes.  They are not one in the same, and in fact are likely not even correlated. We … Read More