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About Strength Coach Pro

Founded on the principle that coaches need a better solution for writing, distributing and tracking programs - we are on a mission to change the industry forever.

The team behind Strength Coach Pro

What do you get when you combine a strength and conditioning coach with extensive experience in Strength and conditioning and web based business, with a career long world class back-end software developer?

Steve Olson

Founder and CEO

Steve is the co-founder of Strength Coach Pro,
and works as acting project manager and
sales specialist

George Parker

Co-Founder and CTO

Co-Founder and lead developer for Strength
Coach Pro, George has made Strength Coach
Pro a reality.

Our Mission

We want to give you easy to use training software that works for you.

Software for strength coaches, personal trainers, gym owners, and physical therapists that has UNLIMITED VERSATILITY.  No more using your software and being annoyed by how long it takes - or how you cant program how you want. With Strength Coach pro, you can program for your clients however you want.

We believe in versatility and affordability.

I don't think software for strength coaches and personal trainers should cost a ton of money.  I don't think the software companies are doing their clients a service by charging them half their yearly budget just to access a programming tool.  At Strength Coach Pro, we are in it to help YOU - with tools you need at a price you can afford.

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