Strength & Conditioning Software.

The easiest and most versatile solution for program design on the market.

Powerful, yet simple

Designed to be the most coach-friendly solution on the market, Strength Coach Pro was built by coaches, for coaches. This tool was built to put your program first. Developed by the founder of Excel Training Designs, we know exactly why you *still* want an excel like experience for program design, but on the web. So that's what we built.


Easy Databases

Store your exercises, sets & reps, athletes, rosters and more, permanently on the web.

Distribute programs

Metrics for testing, Surveys, Stored Sets & Reps and more.

Save everything in extremely simple to use databases.

Web and apps

The BEST Program Design

Completely customizable - make multi-day and multi-week programs with our intuitive drag and drop program builder.

Available 24/7

The *Best* athlete tagging and program assigning

Our extremely simple tagging system allows you to fine tune your rosters perfectly. Want to create an offseason program and assign just to freshmen d-line football? Easy! Or assign a program to the entire football team regardless of position? Done.

Extremely Affordable

With our special one time fee for lifetime access, there is no more affordable product on the market.

The *Easiest* Solution

Built by the founder of Excel Training Designs, we know what you are looking for in a program design software. Inspired by Excel - built for the web.

Go Completely Digital, Or Not

With options to print to your local printer just like your excel files, or send to your athletes phones for digital access, this program will deliver.

Level up your productivity

Get started today and improve your programming today.