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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Strength Coach Pro for?

Strength Coach Pro is a tool to allow coaches to create and distribute training programs to their clients. Our one of a kind program builder allows coaches infinite versatility to create programs with NO restrictions.  Whether you are a strength coach, personal trainer, gym owner or online trainer, SCP was built for efficiency.

Does it allow you to
build programs?

Yes - we have no restrictions on your ability to make programs, and re-use them over and over.

Does it work with teams?

Strength Coach Pro was build for strength and conditioning coaches to make training programs for their teams.  It was inspired by my work with excel strength and conditioning templates - it is extremely user friendly, fast and efficient.

Is it fully digital?

YES.  Strength Coach Pro is a web app designed for coaches, and athletes can pull their programs up right on their mobile phone, or in the weight room using a rack mounted iPad.

How much is Strength Coach Pro?

Strength Coach Pro is available for a one time fee of $1395.  This amount can also be split into payments.

Will I get charged more in the future?


Can you issue a PO for my school?


What does the price include?

Unlimited athletes. Unlimited programs. Unlimited assistant coaches.

Can I build a triphasic program?

Absolutely - using our one of a kind program builder you can make ANY program with extreme detail.

What else can a program consist of?

Our program builder allows you to use videos, surveys, notes, training blocks and testing protocols to build a program.  We consolidate all of these blocks into a simple and easy to read program for your athletes.

Does SCP track testing results?

Absolutely - every test an athlete ever does it permanently recorded into their profile.

How easy is it to use?

Based on all my years of building strength and conditioning excel templates, our #1 focus with Strength Coach Pro was EASE OF USE. We wanted to take the ease and versatility of excel, combined with the power of the internet to make the best tool on the market for coaches.

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