Strength Coach Pro is now FREE for All High Schools in the USA can raise money for your department just by using it.No tricks, no gimmicks. Keep reading...

The Progress Portal

What if we could connect the parents of your athletes to your
department - and SOLVE your fundraising needs...FOREVER?

(and you get it all - for free)

A place the parents of your athletes can log in, follow along with their childs workouts, get pictures
of their kids training (uploaded by the coaches), earn trophies as set by the coaches, chat with
the coach, and even follow along with the fundraising progress for the school.

Watch the replay of our webinar explaining the entire coaches and parents portal

And our replay of our deep dive into how the app works: And a replay discussing other features and functions of SCP.

TLDR; (for the impatient coaches!)
1. you get scp 100% totally and completely free, no limitations or features withheld
2. your athletes parents can sign up (optionally) and pay for access
3. they get exclusive features and you get back 60% of what they pay.

How it Works

The goal of the progress portal is simple: lets allow you to connect to your athletes parents, by giving them access to the workouts, the results, track their kids progressions and even view media and trophies, without you as the coach having to do a ton of extra work.

And in the process - we are going to help you make some money for your athletic department.

I understand better than most how much is on your plate, and our goal is to make this work almost completely automated in the background for you - allowing you to save time on programming and tracking by using the software, but also earn extra money for your school.

So, heres the breakdown.

1. You get Strength Coach Pro for FREE to train your athletes with.

That's right - free fully digital software to train your athletes with.  Access to all the features, unlimited athletes, unlimited programs and more - all included.  No tricks, gimmicks - nothing, you just get this stuff FREE. Never pay a huge yearly fee again.

We've spent YEARS building this platform to be super fast, simple and efficient for coaches. You can make multi-day, multi-week workouts on one screen, deliver them to athletes quickly and efficiently, reuse workouts year after year, edit workouts, track athlete results and more.

Some Features:

Our drag and drop program builder allows you to build highly customized strength and conditioning programs for your athletes. You can build any program, for any number of days and weeks, and assign it to athletes for high time efficiency.
Quickly track your athletes progress based on their metric entries. Unlike other software - we separate training from testing.  Anytime you want a new test value, drag in a metric and your athletes can enter their test result on their phone or rack mounted tablet, and it will track their progress in very easy to read charts and graphs.
Quickly add and manage your athletes - and unlike other platforms, we dont limit how many athletes you can add.  You can import athletes and begin assigning them training programs in just minutes.
Completely customizable databases - you can enter all your own information at any time.  Add your own surveys, tests, sets and reps, exercises, videos and more - all without limits or limitations.

2.  Utilizing the parent portal, your athletes parents and guardians can register to track their kids progress, trophies, media and more.

With minimal extra work, you can set up a few perks for your athletes parents to register and get access to their athletes programs, test results, media, trophies and more.

The parents will pay $6.99 a month for access to everything - and we at Strength Coach Pro will continue to add features to drive up the value for parents.

Basically, they get a place where they can connect with you and your strength department, and track all of their childs progress.

3. You get 60% of all revenue that the parents bring in, in the form of a yearly check written to your department.

You'll get a check every single year that amounts to 60% of the revenue your athletes have brought in over the course of the year. Heres an example of how that math breaks down:

1 Parent pays 6.99 a monthYou keep 60% of that revenue (in the form of a yearly check - or soon, partner perks)

100 Parents registered at your school will generate your athletic department $5032 per year. Literally no strings, gimmicks or anything else.

What would you do with a $5,032
check to use however you need every year?

You get free software, your parents get to log in and follow along with their kids
training programs and progress, you get money for your department.

Ready to get started?

So, whatcha think?  Ready to get fully free software that not only doesn't cost you anything, but can actually help you RAISE money for your program?

Lets get started.

There is a few tiny caveats that you will see on the next page to get this for free:
1. You'll need permission from the school to utilize the progress portal
2. You are able to inform parents about the platform
3. You'll have to go through onboarding with me to ensure you understand the platform in full and get the maximum effect out of it.

Because of this, we are only onboarding a max of 30 schools per month to ensure EVERYONE gets going at full speed, and in order to ensure a quality product and steady production and server speed. We will onboard schools in the order that they join the waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many athletes can I have?

With Strength Coach Pro, you can have unlimited athletes!

What are the requirements to get it for free?

You need your AD / Principal permission.  you need willingness to add parents (they will be required to add - not to sign up), and you need to be willing to inform parents about the platform. The more parents you get onboard, the more you make!

So I get paid for having parents sign up?

Parents sign up and you get 60% for every one of them that does. If they don't sign up - nothing bad happens, they just don't get to track the info from their athletes training data.

Is there ANY difference between this version and the paid version?

Nope! The only difference is the free version requires parents to be added to every athlete profile. Note - they do NOT have to all sign up for you or the athletes to have access, but they need a verified email on the account.

What is a drag and drop program builder?

Our drag and drop program builder allows you to make the program EXACTLY how you want it - no limitations. You can use the blocks (training blocks, surveys, notes, metrics and videos) in the order you want them in - this flexibility allows you to make an infinitely versatile program.

How are you different from the competition?

Well, a few reasons. One, we don't use a calendar view - we allow you to make a PROGRAM then assign that program to athletes. Whether they come in the same days week to week or not, it doesn't matter. Two, we don't upcharge and downcharge based on number of athletes - its a one time fee for lifetime access.  Finally, the versatility of our program allows you to make ANY program without limitations, and track the progress of the results of those.

Do you have an athletes mobile app?

Yes, our athletes app allows your athletes to view the program, record results, view their metrics and view the chat dialogue.

Can we use rack mounted iPads to display programs?

Yes, with our webview option you can use any program, and with our upcoming dedicated mobile apps you will be able to download a native app for all the apps.

Can I have assistant coaches?

Yes, you can add unlimited assistant coaches.

Are future features included with my one time price?


What features are coming?

Reporting, printable reports, upgraded apps, documents to store waivers and agreements, upgraded program builder, and so, so much more.

Is there a trial?

We start with a live demo with you online, and from there we can make adjustments or give access to our universal demo account.

Is it really lifetime access for one fee?


Can I make programs with my own information?

Yes, your own exercises, programs, surveys, tests, everything is yours, and completely customizable at any time.

How does software differ from using Excel?

Excel is free, extremely versatile and customizable. However, that comes at two costs:
1. You must spend countless hours learning how to build the excel template you want, and constantly upgrading, improving and refining your excel template (time you could have spent coaching).
2. Excel has no viable way to save data in a single place. You will end up with countless printed programs, endless excel programs on your computer, and basically - stuff everywhere.  Our software will allow you to put everything in one space.

What kind of support will I receive once I sign up?

You can call, text or email us at any time, use our built in help portal, or post on our private facebook group.

Can it support my style of training?

Strength Coach Pro allows you to make ANY type of program. The combination of the drag and drop builder, combined with the multi-day, multi-week program builder and the notes and video system really allows you to make any type and style of program.

What are metrics?

Metrics are tests - they allow you to store a test result for any type of protocol you want. Examples could be a bench press 1RM, back squat 5RM, 225 max bench reps, pullups, bodyweight - anything that can be TESTED is called a metric within Strength Coach Pro.

How do we get started?

If you're new to building websites, our video tutorials will get up and running quickly. If you already know concepts behind CSS and the box model, you will feel at home in Webflow.

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