Strength Coach Pro is now FREE for all US High Schools

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Strength Coach Pro is now free for all US Based High Schools.Free, free free.And not just that - you can now use Strength Coach P

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July 16, 2023
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I have been promising a HUGE Announcement from Strength Coach Pro - and here it is.

Strength Coach Pro is now free for all US Based High Schools.

Free, free free.

And not just that - you can now use Strength Coach Pro as your primary funding source for your athletic department or strength and conditioning department.

No tricks, no gimmicks.


Introducing - the Progress Portal

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What is the progress portal?

Simple - a place parents can sign up to track everything their kid is doing in your training program.

They will get access to the past and present training programs, test results, parent specific notes from the coach, and some new features we are adding: automated trophies, ability to upload and send media to the parents, and more.

Basically, we are connecting the parents to YOUR strength and conditioning department, an all in one place to manage both the athletes training programs AND keep the parents informed.

To have access to the portal, parents will pay $6.99 a month.  And the best part - we are going to send 60% of this money back to you.

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How it works

1. You get Strength Coach Pro for FREE to train your athletes with.
That's right - free fully digital software to train your athletes with.  Access to all the features, unlimited athletes, unlimited programs and more - all included.  No tricks, gimmicks - nothing, you just get this stuff FREE. Never pay a huge yearly fee again.

2. Utilizing the parent portal, your athletes parents and guardians can register to track their kids progress, trophies, media and more.
With minimal extra work, you can set up a few perks for your athletes parents to register and get access to their athletes programs, test results, media, trophies and more.

The parents will pay $6.99 a month for access to everything - and we at Strength Coach Pro will continue to add features to drive up the value for parents.

3. You get 60% of all revenue that the parents bring in, in the form of a yearly check written to your department.
You'll get a check every single year that amounts to 60% of the revenue your athletes have brought in over the course of the year. Alternatively, you can upload an invoice with your requested equipment and we will PURCHASE it for you - so you can avoid the red tape of finance departments. Heres an example of how that math breaks down:

100 Athletes Parents on Board - $5,032 per year to YOUR SCHOOL.

Instead of paying for software, you get paid to use software.

Everyone Wins.

You get software, the parents get connected, your school raises money.

You may be asking - do I have to use the progress portal to get this free?  No - you must make it AVAILABLE to parents, but there is no minimums, this is truly free to all US based high schools.  But, because you are going to get paid for every parent that comes on board, we think its to your benefit to get a few :)

Ready to get started?

Join the waitlist and we'll get you going ASAP.

Can't wait to have you on board, and to help high school strength and conditioning departments solve a lot of problems they presently face with access, funding, and ability to improve the program.

Questions? Call or text me, 9195259328. Or click the link to get info and set up a screenshare.

PS: If you are NOT a high school, we are not moving away from the one time fee as of now - but soon we will have a cheaper monthly option for coaches who want to see if this tool is right for them.  The progress portal is presently only available to US Based high schools!

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