Creating a strength and conditioning program in Strength Coach Pro

Why we use a program based builder instead of a calendar

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October 9, 2023
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As a strength and conditioning coach and current gym owner and software founder, I have spent tens of thousands of hours on the weight room floor just like you.

And if theres one thing I know to be true, its that the "calendar" method of programming is simply inefficient. Too many times, in both private and team settings, do people cancel on their sessions, or have to move them to the next day, or make up a missed session.

Its why we dont use calendar based programming, we allow coaches to make real training PROGRAMS.

These programs are then stored and assigned as needed.

Here, take a look at our program builder:

Notice at the top right theres an option to select number of days and weeks?  This allows you to build a multi-day, multi-week program all on one screen. No more calendar based programming.

Also, check out the options on the right: we call them blocks. You can drag and drop these blocks to build the program you want.

Pretty cool eh? This allows you to build the EXACT program you want and need your athletes. You can combine the blocks on the right in any fashion in hte program to build exactly what you are looking for.

These blocks include:
Training Blocks - for traditional sets and reps

Metrics - For tracking new maxes

Surveys - For building surveys and giving them to athletes

Notes - For free form text (directions, instructions, warmups, finishers)

Multimedia - To put a video directly in the athletes training program.

Once the program has been built, it is permanently saved into a database of programs. These programs are then able to be assigned to any athlete at any time.  You can even edit them, or duplicate them and edit a copy of them.

When your athletes get into the weight room, they can pull up the programs on a tablet or a phone, and do their training programs as youve prescribed them.

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