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How to use Strength Coach Pro

This is a big picture walkthrough of how you can use strength coach pro from start to finish. There is a lot more to use the app than this hidden in the details and in each section, but here is the 10,000 foot view :)


Databases are where your information is stored: exercises, sureys, sets and reps, metrics, videos, rosters and assistant coaches. Every survey can be completely and totally modified or adjusted by you at any time!  You can add all your own exercises, make them calculate weights how you want, metrics, surveys and more

Build Programs

This is how our program builder works, and how you can use it to build a truly versatile, simple program that allows you to make the exact program you want, without limitations.

Use Tags

Tags are how we categorize and organize information.  We use them throughout the entire site, and they are used to categorize your exercises or to put athletes onto specific or multiple rosters.

Create rosters and assign programs to athletes

Tags are how we categorize and organize information.  We use them throughout the entire site, and they are used to categorize your exercises or to put athletes onto specific or multiple rosters.

Metrics and reporting

Metrics allow you to record data and test results from an athlete, and reporting allows you to view how an athletes test results have changed over time.  We separate metrics from training protocols so that your test results only include the actual recorded metrics, and not daily training.


Surveys are a tool we have built in to our program builder to allow you to add surveys directly to an athletes program. You can collect data from your athletes and even set to be instantly notified based on their survey responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many athletes can I have?

With Strength Coach Pro, you can have unlimited athletes!

What is a drag and drop program builder?

Our drag and drop program builder allows you to make the program EXACTLY how you want it - no limitations. You can use the blocks (training blocks, surveys, notes, metrics and videos) in the order you want them in - this flexibility allows you to make an infinitely versatile program.

How are you different from the competition?

Well, a few reasons. One, we don't use a calendar view - we allow you to make a PROGRAM then assign that program to athletes. Whether they come in the same days week to week or not, it doesn't matter. Two, we don't upcharge and downcharge based on number of athletes - its a one time fee for lifetime access.  Finally, the versatility of our program allows you to make ANY program without limitations, and track the progress of the results of those.

Do you have an athletes mobile app?

Yes, our athletes app allows your athletes to view the program, record results, view their metrics and view the chat dialogue.

Can we use rack mounted iPads to display programs?

Yes, with our webview option you can use any program, and with our upcoming dedicated mobile apps you will be able to download a native app for all the apps.

Can I have assistant coaches?

Yes, you can add unlimited assistant coaches.

Are future features included with my one time price?


What features are coming?

Reporting, printable reports, upgraded apps, documents to store waivers and agreements, upgraded program builder, and so, so much more.

Is there a trial?

We start with a live demo with you online, and from there we can make adjustments or give access to our universal demo account.

Is it really lifetime access for one fee?


Can I make programs with my own information?

Yes, your own exercises, programs, surveys, tests, everything is yours, and completely customizable at any time.

How does software differ from using Excel?

Excel is free, extremely versatile and customizable. However, that comes at two costs:
1. You must spend countless hours learning how to build the excel template you want, and constantly upgrading, improving and refining your excel template (time you could have spent coaching).
2. Excel has no viable way to save data in a single place. You will end up with countless printed programs, endless excel programs on your computer, and basically - stuff everywhere.  Our software will allow you to put everything in one space.

What kind of support will I receive once I sign up?

You can call, text or email us at any time, use our built in help portal, or post on our private facebook group.

Can it support my style of training?

Strength Coach Pro allows you to make ANY type of program. The combination of the drag and drop builder, combined with the multi-day, multi-week program builder and the notes and video system really allows you to make any type and style of program.

What are metrics?

Metrics are tests - they allow you to store a test result for any type of protocol you want. Examples could be a bench press 1RM, back squat 5RM, 225 max bench reps, pullups, bodyweight - anything that can be TESTED is called a metric within Strength Coach Pro.

How do we get started?

You can get started by clicking here, this will allow you to purchase access. High schools looking into the progress portal for fundraising for the high school strength and conditionig department can click here for more information.

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