What is a training block?

What a training block is inside of strength coach pro, and how you can use it to make better more detailed programs.

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November 15, 2022
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So I wanted to tell you about Training blocks, and go in to some detail of how it works.

As I have mentioned before, I am a coach - I come from a background in collegiate football and then private sector training, followed by opening my own gyms, where I still coach and use SCP every single day.

I say this to tell you that everything I have built truly comes from a coaches perspective first.  Hence, why we built the multi-day, multi-week builder, and why we do the programming and training blocks how we do.  So lets talk about training blocks.

A block is one of the modules used on our program builder to build programs, we also have surveys, metrics, notes, and videos.  

A training block is the one you would use to build an actual training protocol: exercises, sets and reps.

As you see, there is a lot of options here that you can use to build a training program with.  %, sets, reps, RX are the base - this is a standard set and rep scheme that will calculate weights for your athletes.  But you can also program in time, distance, add a rest period or ask the athlete to enter reps achieved.In addition, by adjusting the number of weeks you want to build the program for, you can plan your block for multiple weeks out, and even add more sophisticated set and rep schemes to your program

We can also create super sets within a program by hitting add exercise at the bottom - this will add an exercise to that block.  

Now finally, once you save and assign the program to your athletes, they can log in, and view their program on a phone, ipad, or you can pull it up on your end of the athlete profile.

Pretty cool eh?And finally - one thing to note is that the work done on a training block DOES NOT interfere with metrics, reporting and testing.  We do this very deliberately, to me, training and testing are two different things.  Every workout is not indicative of an athletes performance and ability, and every workout is not designed to test ability.  Most are designed to train and improve ability, and especially with younger athletes you don't need to work at or near peak ability to improve, so constantly updating results based on work done daily does not make sense. With us, if you want to record a new test result, you simply drag in a new metric block and have the athlete record that separate :)  That will update an athlete player profile like so:

Hope this helps, have a good week!

PS: We have some big updates coming to add more variety, option and versatility to our program builder by the end of the year.