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May 8, 2022
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Our mission: Give coaches easy to use, versatile software at a price they can afford.

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

I have been sending out quite a bit of info lately regarding features, but I figure I would send a quick message to tell you about US, our core mission, and what we exist to do.

To give some background info, I am a coach and a gym owner. I have a masters in exercise science, and have worked at multiple universities, but found the private sector worked well for me - especially getting into my own gym.

That said, I completely understand what most university and private sector budgets are like - and they are not "unlimited" like many companies want to believe.  I live it, daily.

We built strength coach pro on the premise that most coaches use excel for two reasons:

  1. It has no limitations on HOW your program looks and is designed.  I believe most coaches would rather use Excel than sacrifice their program to fit into software.
  2. Software that is currently available is too expensive to fit into most school and private sector budgets.

We decided we wanted to flip this market and give power BACK to coaches. How?  By making versatile, easy to use software thats affordable.

Strength Coach Pro uses a special program builder that allows you to build multi-day, multi-week programs on a single screen (just like excel) using our drag and drop features (to build your program however you want), all without recurring fees.

Versatile program design at a price coaches can afford.

We feel our competitors have a rigid program design tool AND they want to charge $1500/year (and more if you want to add assistant coaches? come on).

With us, you get unlimited access to all of our current and future features, with no restrictions or limitations, for a one time fee.

Sound good?  Good.  I would love to show you the app as it exists, and you can book a demo or view a tutorial on our website.

Thanks, and have a good Mothers day!

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