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Our new client and athlete reporting system is LIVE! One spot to pull up all your client data.

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September 21, 2022
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We have talked a lot recently about our reporting suite that was in progress - well we are proud to announce its finally live!

V1 of our reporting suite allows you to view individual and team reports, as well view stats such as percent change over time, average, standard deviation, and athlete percentile within a team.We even have a top list to view your athletes in order.  

Watch Youtube Demonstration here

This will generate reports instantaneously, and allow you to filter based on teams, dates, or individual athletes.

V2 of our reporting will include printable and exportable results, as well as some other fancy changes to help you view, analyze and distribute data to other coaches.

And as usual, this is all included with out product with no recurring fees :)

Want more info? Schedule a demo with me and I can show you the live product!

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