A case for 1x20 Training - Part 2

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Part two of 1x20 training, and some extra details on implementing it!

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October 1, 2022
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A Case for 1x20 Training, Part Two

In my previous article discussing the 1x20 training protocol, I go over the basics of 1x20 training specifically with the youth athletes I train.  In this article, I want to go over a bit more of the theory behind the system, as well as what I have coined the three phases of 1x20 Training.

The one thing to keep in mind when reading about or discussing this program is what practitioners of the Yessis System consider the end goal of training: to build a better athlete.  Nothing else matters except building the ability of the athlete to perform on the field, and this entire protocol is build around that concept.

First, a few background notes about the 1x20 system.  

Original System:

When training the 1x20 program, again consider that exercises are not considered “main” or “accessory” but rather an entire encompassing program, where the end goal is increased athleticism.  The same exercises are administered usually 3x per week, with some exercises stopping at 20 reps, other exercises performing a 20+ rep out, with a target goal range for every day.  You want to increase either the weight or the reps performed every training day, or simply ensure quality reps are performed for specific exercises.  When progress at a specific exercise stops, you should rotate in another similar movement instead of back squat, you move to front squat etc).   Certain athletes have a specific weakness that needs to be addressed? Simple, add another exercise for that segment, which they perform 3x a day.

 The title aside, with the 1x20 program you do not only perform one set of twenty repetitions indefinitely, there is actual progression built in, and many different strategies you can use to implement this program.  When progress at the 20 rep scheme stops, you increase the intensity to 14 reps. After 14 reps, you would increase intensity again to 1x8 reps. At this point, multi-set systems would become beneficial, as you have tapped out the potential for growth with the single set systems.  You can progress different movements at different rates (IE Squats can move to 14s, while specialized exercises stay at 20) depending on the development and adaptation of the athlete.

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