Who We Are

Strength Coach Pro exists to provide coaches with a tool they need: the ability to make any program they want, without limitations, for any type of client they want.


Our Mission

We have one goal

We have one goal: to help coaches create better programs in less time. As the founder and owner of Excel Training Designs, I have helped thousands of coaches around the world make better excel templates to more easily develop programs and organize data. Now, we are going digital. Strength coach pro has all the features that you loved about Excel – versatility, endless customization, ease of use, with the power of being digital.

Our Mission

To help coaches save time, effort and money on their programming, managing and tracking of programs for their clients.

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How We Started

It all started with an Excel Template

During grad school in 2011, I found I had a knack for Excel templates. My first thought? I’m going to spam personal trainers on craigslist and offer to make one for them. I had zero sales. Next, I decided to make a website and I immediately knew the name Excel Training Designs was it!

I had my first logo made.

For the next 6 years, I built thousands of templates, for coaches all over the world. I built an online course, which spawned into a second online course teaching advanced concepts.


I wrote a book on Excel for Strength & Conditioning Coaches, which is still for sale on Amazon.


In 2016, I had an idea – why are people still buying Excel templates?  Isn’t there enough good software out there that people don’t need Excel templates anymore?  Then I realized – if that was the case, that software was good enough now that it solved peoples problems, I wouldn’t be having record setting years in revenue, year after year.


People want a better solution, and we are going to give it to them.  33 Months Later, Strength Coach Pro was launched.


Founded Excel Training Designs


Launched Online Excel Courses


Announced Strength Coach Pro


Development Began


Strength Coach pro Launched

Meet The Founders


Steve Olson


Steve is the co-founder of Strength Coach Pro, and works as acting project manager and sales specialist.  Prior to Strength Coach Pro, Steve founded and built Excel Training Designs, where over the course of 8 years he made thousands of excel templates for strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and online coaches for every level of training, from general fitness to Olympic training centers.  With Excel Training Designs, he was able to develop skills in internet marketing, list building, lead nurture, web design, customer service, Facebook and Instagram ads, and more.  These skills have helped him build his Excel company, build his network and audience in the coaching world, and allow him to position himself as a software authority in Strength and Conditioning.


In addition to working on Strength Coach Pro, Steve is an active strength and conditioning coach with over 10 years’ experience training clients, and is currently a gym owner for a strength and conditioning gym in Cary, NC.  He has a bachelors and master’s degree in Exercise Science, and has worked with collegiate sports, and spent several years working with NFL Combine draft classes and dozens of professional football players.


George Parker


As Co-Founder and lead developer for Strength Coach Pro, George has taken an idea, an application allowing coaches to make completely customized training programs for their clients, and turned it into reality.  George has handled all aspects of development, coding, implementation of UI, managing contracted development teams, building and securing the relevant databases, and building test-to-production protocols.

Prior to co-founding Strength Coach Pro, George has worked in IT for 15 years. In those years he has held roles ranging from Senior Developer to Software Architect. George earned his B.A in Computer Science from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2005.