Strength Coaches

Built to handle the demands and rigors that coaches face daily, use our programming software for strength coaches to better handle your athletes workouts.

Create your databases

Just like Excel, Strength Coach Pro consists of databases of information - and the best part, you can add all of your own information at any time. Unlimited exercises, programs, surveys, sets and reps, videos and athletes.

Add your athletes

Easily add your athletes to Strength Coach Pro, and your athletes will be made an account so they can log right into the web app (or iPad) to view their programs.

Quickly make programs

Using our drag and drop builder, quickly make completely customized programs for your teams and athletes. These programs can be edited at any time and continually reused and recycled year after year.

Assign programs to your teams

Once you have made your database

Have Athletes View / Perform their Program

With options to pull up their program from a rack mounted ipad, phone, push the workout to a TV or even print - your athlete will never have an issue viewing their program.  Our fully digital software will calcualte weights for them, track every load they enter, all survey responses and metrics.

Track their Progress

With Strength Coach Pro, every metric an athlete ever does will be permanently recorded to their profile. You will easily be able to track metrics and view their performance over time.