Personal Trainers

Quickly make programs for your in person clients, then train and track their programs live in the gym.

Add your clients

Quickly and easily add your clients to Strength Coach Pro, so you can easily create and track their training programs.

Quickly Make a Custom Program

Use our custom program builder to make a fully custom digital training program for your clients in just minutes.  

Track their program in the gym

Use our metric feature to track all of their progress in the gym so you can show them at any time the progress they have made.

Have them download the App

The app will not only show them the workouts they have done or have scheduled, but also allow them to see their metric progress over time and even communicate via the app if needed.

Gather Daily Survey Data

Use our exclusive survey option in your clients workouts to track how they are feeling, their compliance to daily nutrition goals and more.

Quickly switch between clients on an iPad

Have multiple clients back to back?  Simple - easily switch between them using our weight room view function.