Software for

Online Trainers

Make it easy to create programs for your remote clients. With Strength Coach Pro, you can save hours handling their programming - no more google sheets or emailin workouts.

Add New Clients Remotely

Add your client to Strength Coach Pro in just seconds. When adding the clients, use our exclusive tag system to make sure your clients are easily organized.

Quickly Make a Custom Program

Using our drag and drop program builder, you can quickly and easily build custom training programs for your clients.

Assign their program

One of the most beautiful parts about making online training programs for your clients in Strength Coach Pro? How easy it is to assign new programs to your clients. You can assign brand new multi-day, multi-week training programs to your clients in just seconds.

Have them download the App

Have your clients download our Strength Coach Pro Athletes app on either Android or iPhone, and they can easily pull up the program you assigned them.

This will show them the surveys, programs - everything you built will be displayed to them right on their phone.

Track their Progress

Using our built in metrics, you can easily track the clients progress. Having them enter their metrics, such as bodyweight or pushup count or lift max - you'll easily be able to track your clients results (and your client can see their progress right inside the app).