Fully Digital Software for Coaches

Software that was inspired by Excel, but built to handle the most pressing coach issues.  Strength Coach Pro was built to allow you to make the best programs possible without limitations.

Inspired by Excel

As the founder of Excel Training Designs, I have made thousands of Excel templates for coaches to write programs with.  In creating Strength Coach Pro, we took all the things coaches love about excel - extreme versatility, usefulness, no limitations, and fast - and brought it to actual software for strength coaches.

Quickly Design Customized Programs

Our drag and drop program builder has NO limitations.  You can build a custom multi-day, multi-week program in just minutes, and repeatedly re-use that program over and over. Built to allow coaches to make any program without limitations.

Built in Video Support

Easily assign Youtube videos to any exercise or program so your clients can pull them up at any time.

Rack Mounted iPad Compatible

Ready to switch to full digital? SCP allows for rack mounted ipads or tablets to pull up your athletes individual programs in the weight room.

Athletes Mobile App

Have your clients and athletes download our mobile app and easily pull up their workouts on any mobile phone.

Unlimited Rosters and Unlimited Athletes

The feature layout is built with flex, like the hero layout. Don’t like our typesetting? You can update every detail in the typography section of the Style panel.

You can also add spacing between the heading and paragraph, swap a video in for the image, or add a button. Just make sure to drop your button into the div block that contains this content.

Unlimited Assistant Coaches

Add assistant coaches to your software to give them limited (or full) permissions to add databases, make and distribute programs and more.

Built in Surveys

Create surveys directly inside your clients programs and have your clients pull up and answer their surveys directly as part of their program.

Record and Track Test Results

Built in testing will EASILY allow you to add and track metric to your clients training programs. Never lose an ounce of data - strength coach pro will store every test you perform with your clients.