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We are excited to launch this project to create a single place coaches can learn quality information about coaching, strength and conditioning, and more.
To give a bit more detail about what we are hoping to accomplish with this blog and content section, we really want the emphasis of the articles to be NARROW in focus, but DEEP in discussion so there is a lot to learn, understand and implement.
I believe there is enough clickbait articles out in the world, enough sites posting content that exists just as content but without real depth - and we do not want to go down that rabbit hole.  We are looking for coaches who really want to establish themselves as quality writers, create quality information for other coaches that they can use and implement.
When you log on to Strength Coach pro Blog, it should be FULL of quality, useful and deep information. Focus on creating the type of content YOU would like to most read and would help you become a better coach and practitioner!
Articles should have a singular focus or topic, and even better, be split up into multiple parts so that you can REALLY deep dive into that topic. For example, lets say you wanted to write about aerobic energy development.  The first article could be about hte physiology of aerobic energy.  The second article could be about training the aerobic system for team sports and special considerations, and the last article could be about aerobic development for aerobic athletes.  Each article would allow you to deep dive into a small subset of the bigger topic.
This is the type of content we are hoping to focus on.

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