The Best Software for Strength and Conditioning Coaches

If you are ready to finally use intuitive, easy to use and efficient software, let us help Built by the founder of Excel Training Designs, Strength Coach Pro was developed to help coaches make better programs in less time.

Program for 100s of Athletes - Quickly and Easily

Our intuitive and powerful drag and drop builder allows you to make customized multi-day, multi-week programs in just minutes. Simply select the number of days and weeks you want your program to be, then drag and drop the modules to build your program from the top down.

Powerful Tagging System

Our powerful tagging system allows you to fine tune what athletes you are looking for, so you can easily assign their program. Want to find all your sophomore football running backs? Easy - just tag your athletes and search!

Use Built in Surveys to get Instant Feedback

Want to know which athletes didn't eat breakfast, or didn't get enough sleep last night? Simple - use our powerful survey builder and add a survey right into your athletes programs. When they respond, you can get custom notifications based on the athlete's responses.

Built in Messaging

Contact your athletes, either individually or as a team, right through Strength Coach Pro. Send out announcements, start a conversation, and more.

Print Programs, Just like Excel

Don't want to use technology in the weight room? Use our print feature and print your athletes training programs right to your printer, just like Excel, with one click.

Digital Platform for Athletes

Have your athletes log right into the application to view and track their training programs. Surveys, testing protocols, and the training program are all pulled up right from the athlete portal.

Weight Room View - for Rack Mounted tablets

Want to have your athletes use rack mounted Tablet? Easy - use our weight room view feature to pull up multiple athletes programs right on a tablet in the weight room.