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This Weeks Topics: Jump Training & Plyometrics

Jump training and plyometrics is one of my favorite topics, because it is one of those topics with an infinite ways to apply it to your athletes.  However, there is a few starter points that help distinguish when,where and how to most effectively use it.  First, differentiating between jump training and plyometrics helps to decide where it goes within a training program and who would benefit from it the most. Second, scaling jumps based on intensity (height / single vs double leg), training experience required, angle of jump and more can help you decide which jumps are most effective for which athletes.

Read the articles below for more information!

8 Little Known Truths about Plyometrics

By: Poliquin Group

This brief but great article helps to dispel some myths on jump training and plyometrics.  A great starter for any jump training conversation.

Why is Plyometrics so Misunderstood and Misapplied

By: Dr. Yessis

Dr. Yessis posted this very blunt article years ago and it still holds true today: when discussing training with other coaches, often times when we say the same words we mean different things. Here he helps to fix some of those gaps.

A Starter Guide to Plyometrics

By: Nathan Obrigewitsch

This article is a long but VERY good article covering all aspects of jump training, from a strength, physiological, and practical perspective. If you are going to read one – this is it.

Listen of the Week

The Correct Way to Add Plyometrics to Your Workouts

In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “How would you recommend the programming of plyometrics in conjunction with resistance training?”