How it Works

Strength Coach Pro is the worlds simplest strength and conditioning program design software. Any program, no limits.

Exercise Page

  • Create exercises quickly
  • Calculate weights based on other exercise maxes
  • Tagging system to fine tune the type of exercise and the categories it belongs


  • Create surveys to view user readiness, wellness, and health data
  • Create any question you want, and order them however you want.


  • Create any metric, based on any measurement
  • Metrics are used in program builder as testing tools
  • Calculate a weight for any exercise from any metric – aka DB Bench Press calculated off 60% of Bench Press 1RM

Sets & Reps

  • Create unlimited sets & reps varieties to assign to your athletes.
  • Tag them using our exclusive tagging system to fine tune what its for – and make searching for them on the program builder even easier


  • Create Rosters using our exclusive tagging system
  • Separate injured from non injured, by sports, class, or whatever filters you want.
  • Rosters automatically create athlete account

Program Builder

  • Entirely drag and drop program builder
  • Create multiple day, multiple week programs quickly
  • Use all the tools from the databases you just build as pieces of your program – and build your program from the top down.

Assigning Programs

  • After creating a program, going to the rosters page allows you to assign the program to your athletes.
  • Search for the athletes you want to assign it to based on the tags you used previously.